HIV/AIDS: Update for Florida

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HIV/AIDS: Epidemic Update for Florida

The amount that has been learned and written about human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and disease and its influence on individuals and society is staggering. Knowledge about the characteristics and behavior of this human retrovirus has helped to develop targeted therapeutic interventions and vaccine strategies. The availability of antiretroviral drug therapy has been a benefit to many who are HIV-infected, with a delay in the development of opportunistic infections and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). However, HIV does eventually lead to AIDS in many people despite these advances. This course will outline the impact of HIV/AIDS on the public, with a special emphasis on its affect on salon and spa professionals.

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  • Jane Norman
  • John Leonard
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Although prevention and new medical interventions may reduce the pace of the epidemic, HIV will be a significant disease for many years both in the United States and the world. Education provides the opportunity to ensure that Florida salon professionals have the information necessary to work with and provide services to persons with HIV.

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