North Carolina Salon Professionals 2019

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North Carolina Salon Professionals 2019

North Carolina Salon Professionals 2019

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Cosmetology Professional



Courses Included

  • Nutrition: Impact on Hair, Skin, and Nails

    Although nutrition is a familiar term, many people are unaware of the complexity of nutrition and how many components are needed to help the body function. In addition, nutrition and the overall idea of health are rarely discussed when considering problems common in hair, nails, and skin. Having an understanding of how nutrition affects the hair, nails, and skin is important for cosmetologists to be able to counsel clients or refer them to their healthcare provider when they are experiencing the issues discussed throughout this course. Through this knowledge, cosmetologists are in a unique position to have an impact on their clients' lives and are able to help them become healthier individuals through their chosen profession.

  • Domestic Violence: A Client in Danger

    Victims of domestic violence may suffer emotional, psychologic, and/or physical abuse. In many cases, victims suffer in silence for years, and salon and spa professionals are in a unique position to help these individuals. Salons are often considered a "safe space," because they are one of the few places a victim is allowed to visit without her/his abuser. It is important that we educate ourselves to enhance awareness of domestic violence in every salon and spa.

  • Communicable Diseases

    Diseases are considered communicable if they spread from one person to another or from an animal to a person. Most diseases spread due to direct contact with an infected person or his/her blood, but some diseases may be spread by sharing implements or through the air or contaminated water. Because salon professionals work very closely with their clients, they are at risk for both contracting and spreading communicable diseases. It is our responsibility as salon professionals to protect our clients and ourselves to the best of our abilities. This course will review the most common communicable diseases, with a special focus on diseases often encountered in the salon or spa environment.


These courses were designed for professionals in cosmetology and the salon.


  • Paragon CET Staff
  • Leah Alberto

About the Sponsor

The purpose of Paragon CET is to provide challenging curricula to assist professionals to raise their levels of expertise while fulfilling their continuing education requirements, thereby improving the quality of service to their clients.
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